Christopher Archer: A Man and His Banjo

Christopher grew up in the midwest United States, living a quaint farm-boy life in Ohio, playing his banjo.  His mother was part owner in a banjo company and was responsible for designing, carving and inlaying the banjos.  Being constantly around banjo music and professional musicians, his youth was spent practicing and practicing and practicing. His insatiable appetite to master the instrument lead him to enter and win many talent competitions, both local and national, as well as to begin his professional career at the ripe old age of 14.

As unique as it was to play the banjo as a kid, he wasn’t satisfied to play the banjo in the usual way nor the music that was typically associated with it. He didn’t know it at the time, but he was preparing for what would be a lifetime of performing professionally.

These days he is a featured headliner and has traveled the world performing his unique style of banjo playing; typically accompanied by a 10 -15 piece big band.  He has spent many years delighting audiences as a guest artist for almost every major cruise ship line, as a headline act in Branson Missouri, and a featured headliner in many banjo festivals throughout the United States.

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When my husband dragged me to see a banjo player I was very irritated. But after hearing Chris play, I can safely say I will never see the banjo the same way again. He was wonderful!
Mrs. Elizabeth Johnson

Chris Archer: a man who loves the banjo

Christopher loves to play the banjo and lecture about it's unique contributions to music history.
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